[Pm-utils] pm-suspend: should use quirks by default

Terry Barnaby terry at beam.ltd.uk
Wed Dec 5 13:58:39 PST 2007


I have been having problems in getting a Thinkpad R52 to work with the
new pm-utils system. I have fixed this now by adding quirk info
to the fdi data base.

However, I have some command line scripts that call pm-suspend.
These used to work with Fedora Core 6 but with the new pm-utils in
Fedora 8 they no longer work as the pm-suspend/pm-hibernate etc commands
do not use the quirks database by default.

I believe the pm-suspend/pm-hibernate etc commands should be changed
to use the database by default unless a suitable command line option 
(--manual ?) is used.
I don't think it is reasonable to require special arguments to 
pm-suspend depending on the system type especially due to the fact
that calling pm-suspend on a system that needs the quirks will lead to
a system lockup ...



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