[Pm-utils] [patch review request] Remove hardcoded /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions dependence

Michael Biebl mbiebl at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 06:04:02 PST 2008

2008/1/31, Victor Lowther <victor.lowther at gmail.com>:
> On Jan 31, 2008 8:11 AM, Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Give this a shot:
> >
> > .SUFFIXES: .in
> > .in:
> >     $(do_subst) $< > $@
> >
> > .SUFFIXES are old-style pattern rules. This is what automake uses to
> > be portable across make variants when constricting pattern rules for
> > .c, .o, etc.
> Nice.  Patch attached (applies on the top of the other two patches in
> this series).

Hi guys,

while I think it's a worthwile goal to remove the hardcoded paths, I
find the current approach of rewriting all sleep.d and power.d files,
pretty ugly. This got me thinking.
Why don't we just use an environment variable in the hooks?
Before executing the hooks we simply set the correct environment
variable. This way, we would only have to rewrite pm-action,
pm-powersave and functions.
It would have the additional benefit, that the hooks could be tested
uninstalled, even with the correct functions file by pointing the
environment variable to the directory of the git pm folder.

What do you think?


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