[Pm-utils] [patch-commit] restorestate extra testing and cpufreq hook fixes

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Tue Jan 29 16:59:02 PST 2008


- test whether statefile exists in restorestate
restorestate did not check whether a file exists before running cat at it.

- only restore governor if one was actually stored
There was a logic error: Only when the stored governor was empty, i.e. no 
governor was stored, it is restored. The test for an empty string was changed 
to a test for a non-empty string.

- return 1 in case there is no cpu that can use a governor

Now the cpufreq hook should return 1 in case there is no cpu available that 
supports setting a governor. Imho we should define some variables to give 
returncodes a meaning, e.g.
and then use RET_SKIPPED in case a hook does not need to be ran, e.g. for the 
cpufreq hook because it does not support setting governors. This could then 
be evaluated by pm-utils. I will write a patch if there are no objections.

- extra quoting in cpufreq
There was a variable assignment without using quotes.

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