[poppler] Image optimization

Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at yahoo.es
Sat May 21 15:58:19 PDT 2005

Have a quick look at CairoFontEngine.cc CairoFont::CairoFont, the first part 
of it is a perfect copy of SplashOutputdev.cc updateFont()

Also if some code is shared and the only difference is that SplashOutputDev 
calls sPath->lineTo(x, y) and CairoOutputDev calls cairo_line_to(cr, x,y) you 
can do hook calls for that different code.

But well that thread is completely going off. I just wanted to know if your 
patch could be applied to Splash and it has ended in you beign offended 
becasue i "don't want" to use cairo, you beign offended because i say poppler 
has duplicated code. This sucks.

I'm not gonna write a patch for this, i have LOTS of patches that are on the 
waiting queue (well maybe not LOTS but i'm the only one with patches on the 
waiting queue), do you think i'm crazy enough to write more? ¬.¬

See, i only wanted a "no, it's too difficult" and it has ended me reminding 
you my patches are still not merged. This sucks again.


A Diumenge 22 Maig 2005 00:37, vàreu escriure:
> On Sat, 2005-05-21 at 11:54 +0200, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > > No, its way of minimizing changes to stable code, doing less work and
> > > encouraging the use of a backend that has more potential.
> >
> > Well, imho as Carl said, it is because we are lacking a intermediate
> > class that both CairoOutputdev and SplashOutputDev should inherit and
> > that should contain that lot of non Cairo/Splash dependant code both
> > clases have.
> I disagree on this point.  It's true that the code in CairoOutputDev and
> SplashOutputDev is similar in nature, since they implement the same
> functionality for different backends.  Where SplashOutputDev calls
> sPath->lineTo(x, y) CairoOutputDev calls cairo_line_to(cr, x,y) etc.
> Maybe I'm missing something, in that case I encourage you to out
> concrete examples of code that could be shared, or even better provide a
> patch that consolidates this allegedly duplicated functionality.
> cheers,
> Kristian

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