[poppler] Missing language pack for 'Adobe-Japan1' mapping error when using pdftohtml

Nitesh G. nitesh.golchha at emc.com
Thu Jul 26 06:57:28 PDT 2012

Hi mpsuzuki,

Thank you for replying to this issue.
To answer your question, I have created a folder C:\pdftohtml and placed
pdftohtml.exe in this location. Also, I have placed the xpdfrc file here and
its content are as follows:-

cidToUnicode	Adobe-Japan1	.\japanese\Adobe-Japan1.cidToUnicode
unicodeMap	ISO-2022-JP	.\japanese\ISO-2022-JP.unicodeMap
unicodeMap	EUC-JP		.\japanese\EUC-JP.unicodeMap
unicodeMap	Shift-JIS	.\japanese\Shift-JIS.unicodeMap
cMapDir		Adobe-Japan1	.\japanese\CMap
toUnicodeDir			.\japanese\CMap
#fontFileCC	Adobe-Japan1	C:\pdftohtml\kochi-mincho.ttf

All the paths are given correctly but even after I comment out cMapDir and
toUnicodeDir, I am getting the same error message. I have created a folder
"poppler-data" in C:\pdftohtml and extracted all the contents of
poppler-data to this folder. I believe that since poppler-data and
pdftohtml.exe are in the same folder, pdftohtml should pick up all
poppler-data files while processing PDFs but it looks like thats not the
case. Is there a way to explicitly tell pdftohtml.exe where popplar-data is
present, maybe inside the xpdfrc file?


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