[poppler] very trivial patch for NSS3 library

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Thu Dec 21 13:06:46 UTC 2017

Dear Oliver,

Oliver Sander wrote:
> Hi mpsuzuki,
>> It would be possible to check libnss version, to exclude too old
>> version. Yet I'm unfamiliar with cmake, so what I could propose
>> would be a check by pkg-config. It would be considerable option?
> that sounds overly complicated to me.

Oh, maybe too few words made you misunderstood. Just I wanted to
propose to set a minimum version of libnss3 to be supported by
poppler. Ignoring too old libnss would be acceptable solution,
because such old libnss was used when poppler has no signature
calculation. So, the change would be just a few lines in CMakeLists.txt.
Now I'm trying to find the repository of libnss3 to find the minimum
version which we don't have to include prtypes.h...

This idea is either too complicated?


> If your nss version is to be
> supported then simply applying your patch is much easier.  But that
> is not on me to decide.
> Regards,
> Oliver
>> Regards,
>> mpsuzuki
>> Oliver Sander wrote:
>>> Hmm.  Doesn't that sound more like a bug in hasht.h?  In any case,
>>> the file hasht.h on my machine (Debian testing) starts with
>>> #include "prtypes.h".
>>> Best,
>>> Oliver
>>> On 21.12.2017 08:56, suzuki toshiya wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> For signature calculation, poppler can use Mozilla's NSS3 library
>>>> optionally. I receive a compiler error against PRBool types, because
>>>> it is used by hasht.h before including its definition in prtypes.h.
>>>> Here is a trivial patch to include prtypes.h before hasht.h.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> mpsuzuki
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