[poppler] [RFC] Drop the qt4 frontend at the end of the year

pqt at LEFerguson.com pqt at LEFerguson.com
Sun May 21 16:55:13 UTC 2017

Would this affect the availability of the Arthur front end?  I had the impression it was somehow related to QT4, but maybe it just started back then?

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Hi, as mentioned partially in another thread I'd like to drop the qt4 frontend at the end of the year.

 * Qt upstream stopped supporting Qt4 in May 2015
 * KDE (one of the major Qt users) will stop releasing apps based in Qt4 at the end of the year too.

I would not mind keeping the code if someone else steps up to maintain it, but 
*personally* I will not care about it, or have qt4 installed to check if 
things even compile after the end of the year.

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