[poppler] PDF 2.0 Spec

Tobias Deiminger haxtibal at posteo.de
Thu Nov 22 20:15:10 UTC 2018


Am 07.11.2018 22:35 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> Asking is free :)

here comes a summary from an email conversion I had with DIN
about licensing.

They offer two models to lower the price when multiple
copies are needed:

1. Usage by 50% license fee - pay 50% of the original price
per additional copy. Each additional copy can be sent to an
arbitrary 3rd party.

2. License for company internal duplication - copies can be
shared with employees. It's very likely not possible for us,
because none of us is really employed by KDE or Gnome (?)

Below is a fictional but legal scenario with 50%-fee copies:

- Some e.V. or foundation buys 1 license at full price
(e.g., 229.40€ at Beuth Verlag). Customer name and number
will be watermarked into the PDF.

- e.V. or foundation contacts DIN to request 4 further 50%-
fee licenses, i.e. 4 * 114.70€.

- The resulting 5 copies can now be forwarded to 5 persons
as PDF file within an E-Mail. The E-Mail needs to state that
the standard must not be copied or forwarded to someone

- If one of the 5 persons resigns from working at poppler,
they can give the copy back to the organization, so that it
can be used for another person.

- If the PDF file is stored on a server, the server needs to
be access restricted.

@Albert: Do you think that helps? How to go on?

Disclaimer: I tried to understand and translate everything
correctly, but no warranty.

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