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#949: set flat-volume to no by default
  Reporter:  zebul666     |       Owner:  lennart                   
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                       
 Milestone:               |   Component:  daemon                    
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  flat-volume level too loud

Comment(by patrakov at gmail.com):

 As for relying on third-party apps to behave well when setting volumes:
 this is logically impossible when gstreamer's playbin offers different
 semantics of volume for different audio sinks. E.g., for alsasink, the
 volume is applied in software, i.e. the volume is relative to non-
 gstreamer streams, and thus 100% means "same volume as non-gstreamer
 apps". But for pulsesink, it directly controls the stream volume (which is
 absolute with flat volumes), and thus, with flat volumes, 100% means the
 hw maximum.

 Add to this that some apps save their volume setting. When switching from
 plain ALSA to pulseaudio (and some Arch users still do that, because
 pulseaudio is not the default), this saved 100% voulme WILL hurt.

 Maybe the correct solution would be to completely remove the ability to
 control the stream volume from gstreamer's pulsesink.

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