[pulseaudio-discuss] default sink

Ritesh Kumar ritesh at cs.unc.edu
Sun Dec 16 15:15:59 PST 2007

    I recently installed pulseaudio for my desktop sound setup involving two
cards. Everything is running fine and the setup was a breeze. Thanks for
building such a great piece of software.

   BTW, what does pacmd's set-default-sink/source do? What is the meaning of
the default sink? I figured out that alsamixer (through the pulse alsa
plugin) always changes the mixer controls for the current default sink as
per the pulseaudio daemon. However, I don't think the playback of a
connecting client always goes to the current default sink. Is this expected

    Plus, I had a little suggestion too. Can we have a
get-default-sink/source command in pacmd/pactl?

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