[pulseaudio-discuss] A few questions

Justin Tulloss jmtulloss at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 01:32:33 PDT 2007


I'm just getting into PulseAudio and I'm looking forward to using it for
some challenging projects. I do have a few questions however:

1. Is good floating point performance necessary? I saw that some of your
algorithms do rely on floating point, but I didn't get far enough into it to
see whether it was necessary for basic PCM routing.

2. How do direct plugin sources/sinks work? For example, the gstreamer
plugin communicates directly with pulse. Therefore it doesn't show up as a
source in the manager. Is there a way to get a handle to that source? For
instance, if I had 2 sinks (A and B) and I wanted to say that all alsa sound
(from the alsa plugin) should go to sink A where all gstreamer audio should
go to sink B, how would I do that? That's a contrived example, but I am
looking for that kind of flexibility.

3. Is anybody actively working on a D-Bus control for this? Seems like it
would be easy enough.

4. How do you define policy for HAL events? I don't see an obvious way of
saying "now that this sink is connected, all audio goes to it and the old
sink will be turned off"

Thanks a lot for your help! I'm really excited to really get into using

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