[pulseaudio-discuss] Flash Video Synchronization

CJ van den Berg cj at vdbonline.com
Thu May 31 14:36:48 PDT 2007

On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 05:15:06PM -0400, Paul Jones wrote:
> HI again, I should have mentioned that I  already did all the settings in
> the  gnome sound preferences but the system sounds still do not work.  I
> shut off  the pulseaudio init script and  pulseaudio does not start
> automatically, I have to start it from the terminal. Both Software Sound
> Mixing and System Sounds are enabled in the preferences but still nothing.

Are you sure you have pulseaudio-esound-compat installed?

> I read the revolutionlinux page on the libflashsupport module and the
> files that it says it checks for are not on my computer. I never noticed
> that before. but /usr/lib/libpulse-simple.so.0.0 does exist. You mentioned
> a permissions problem, but where? I am in all the necessary groups and so
> is the user "pulse".

If you are missing libpulse-simple.so.0.0.0 then you need to install

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