[pulseaudio-discuss] Strange problem with pulseaudio 0.9.11

Rafał Mużyło galtgendo at o2.pl
Sat Aug 2 09:21:05 PDT 2008

Another day, another attempt.
This time using patches from pulseaudio git.

It seems my problem lies elsewere.
I added tsched=0 to see if that helps and it doesn't.
I think I initially misdiagnosed the problem.
It seems to happen somewhere between
pulseaudio and pulseaudio alsa plugin.
For some reason, even though native streams seem to work
correctly, alsa plugin refuses to work.
snd_pcm_avail_update() seems to be returning negative
values all the time. It works with pulseaudio 0.9.10,
but doesn't in 0.9.11.

Does somebody have an idea, what should be changed 
to make it work again ?

For reference: when I run `aplay  -d 2 </dev/urandom`,
the output is:
Playing raw data 'stdin' : Unsigned 8 bit, Rate 8000 Hz, Mono
underrun!!! (at least -2076735053.479 ms long)
aplay: xrun:1114: xrun: prepare error: Input/output error

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