[pulseaudio-discuss] Wiki updates

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Jul 29 02:42:18 PDT 2008

Sean McNamara wrote:
> In some attempts to keep the Wiki up to date, I've updated the
> Requirements page to reflect the new requirements for PA 0.9.11.
> Lennart, I hope these changes are accurate and correct; please
> double-check me. :)

Nice work!

> I also hope to get more active community interest in the wiki, because
> a better wiki cuts down on ML traffic for known issues. To spearhead
> this I created a new wiki page for distribution-specific build-time
> dependencies, i.e. to answer the question "configure tells me I don't
> have a valid gdbm.h; what do I do?" or "I have libcap-dev installed
> but PA doesn't compile with capability support". Compiletime help has
> not been a big focus of the wiki, but with PA 0.9.11 coming out, the
> drive to update to take advantage of glitch-free is going to be
> increasing as people find out about it. And I have no doubt that
> distributions will be dog slow at updating to 0.9.11, because it also
> requires the latest ALSA. You can find this distro-specific list
> linked at the bottom of the requirements section.

Nice one!

I did try and spearhead a similar effort six months or so ago, but then 
got distracted and forgot about it!

I'm not sure the "powers that be" are going to approve 0.9.11 for the 
upcoming Mandriva 2009.0, but I'll have it available in our unsupported 
"backports" repository immediately after release for those users who 
want to be brave :D

We have all the necessary patches and alsa versions etc, so no problems 

> I will be making an effort to extend the FAQ based on the most common
> frustrations with 0.9.11. Lennart told us this release may cause more
> problems than it fixes, but even so, we should try to work out as many
> issues as possible, as early as possible, because few who make the
> upgrade will want to go back to 0.9.10 now that a newer version is out
> (because newer is better! Riiiight...?)

Good plan.

To be honest, as pulse's profile grows, I think that the PA wiki/site 
etc. could do with a bit more of a sexy look to it. I think the Pulse 
logo (black background with blue bits) is sweet and that a nice dark 
(but usable) theme on Trac would make the whole thing much cooler... (a 
bit like the basic look of the compiz-fusion.org site). Not sure if 
Lennart is even vaguely interested in that, but I think it may help gain 
acceptance... I know it's a trivial thing, but they do say that "the 
first bite is with the eye"... ;)


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