[pulseaudio-discuss] Project: Dual, Simultaneous Bluetooth Audio Sinks

Zhang, Xing Z xing.z.zhang at intel.com
Wed Oct 15 22:39:07 PDT 2008

>Anyway, I also did try running "pactl load-module module-alsa-(sink|
>source) device=" with both devices, and though it would sometimes work,
>sometimes it would end up killing pulseaudio. When I try to switch the
>stream from the onboard audio device to the headset, it kills PA. When I
>switch the stream to the Simultaenous Play virtual device, it kills PA.
[Zhang, Xing Z]
This is also what I met. The PA embedded in FC9 distro seems not stable, it leads
to a segfault when I try to switch stream along different sinks. I don't know
if it has been fixed in current git tree due to no Bluetooth device on hand at
this time.
I will try it in next week when my device arrives. Anyway it's a bug.

>Right now, I'm just looking for insights and ideas on what the best
>approach to take is. Hoping for your technical thoughts.
>Richi Plana
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