[pulseaudio-discuss] Was Pulseaudio crashes is now; Is it really working?

Scott Castaline hscast at charter.net
Mon Oct 27 16:48:52 PDT 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Scott Castaline wrote:
>> Just installed the latest from source (git) and after going through 
>> removing what was installed by Fedora and then installing all of the 
>> required dependencies and the downloaded version from git.
> OK, good so far.
>> It appeared 
>> to be working, however my system sound on login doesn't play. 
> There could be many reasons for this.
>> When I 
>> open the sound test gui from preferences I noticed that PulseAudio is 
>> not any of the choices, and none of the tests work. 
> What is this application? Do you mean gstreamer-properties? If so you 
> don't have the gstreamer pulseaudio package installed.


>> When I go to the tab 
>> for system sounds they all work fine when I "play" them. Rhythmbox seems 
>> to work although I'll believe it after a few days of nonstop use. Due to 
>> the tests in the gui failing, I'm wondering if the audio is actually 
>> going through PulseAudio or is it just going through the ALSA driver(s). 
> Just look in pavucontrol. It's quite obvious whether a given stream is a 
> direct pulse client or a alsa one as the latter have "[alsa]" in their name!
Playback has nothing
Output Devices has Null Output
Input Devices has HDA ATI SB - ALC882 Analog

>> When I do a ps -ef | grep pulseaudio I get: scott     3135     1  0 
>> 07:36 ?        00:00:00 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start, so I'm assuming 
>> that it is starting.
>> I have also run the sound config gui from the cli command 
>> "gnome-sound-properties", and get the following when I test Sound 
>> playback which is normally set to Autodetect I get the following response:
>> sound-properties-Message: Error running pipeline 'audiotestsrc wave=sine 
>> freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink': Resource not 
>> found. [gstjackaudiosink.c(427): gst_jack_ring_buffer_open_device (): 
>> /autoaudiosink0-actual-sink-jackaudio:
>> Cannot connect to the Jack server (status 17)]
> This is due to your preferences as set in gstreamer-preferences. You've 
> told it that you want to use jacksink as your preferred device.
I now am getting errors when I test the audio output in 

gstreamer-properties-Message: Error running pipeline 'PulseAudio Sound 
Server': Failed to connect stream: Invalid argument [pulsesink.c(399): 
gst_pulsesink_prepare (): /pipeline1/pulsesink2]

It works fine if I select the ALSA plugin.

>> So can someone tell me is pulsaudio is running? If not, what am I 
>> missing? Can I fix it, and how?
> Well pulse is clearly running as you can see it in ps. If you can 
> connect to it with pavucontrol and see stream listed then it's actually 
> *working* as well as just running! :p
> Col

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