[pulseaudio-discuss] Making phonon/kde work nicely with pulse

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 24 15:05:59 PST 2009

On Tuesday 24 February 2009 21:20:21 Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Hi Lennart,
> OK, so attached should be a screenie of the KDE settings window.
> As you can see, the idea is to list all the various detected h/w and 
> allow them to be prioritised accordingly. The categories are shown on 
> the left hand side, but each once shows the same set of "devices" 
> (albeit potentially in different orders!)
> As is clear it does show some devices that are not currently 
> attached/detected.
> So to make this work nicely with pulse, I'd need to be able to:
>   1. Record the sinks seen and know whether they are currently alive or 
> not (e.g. for USB, bluetooth and network sinks).
>   2. Provide a way to prioritise our sinks in a list. If the most 
> preferred sink is not available (and our stream is not specifically 
> playing on a given sink) it should automatically pick the next device 
> with the highest priority.
>   3. Allow this priority list to be different for different 
> roles/categories.
> or
>   3. Find a way to have something at the phonon side control the routing 
> decisions in PA (e.g. by uploading rules etc)
> What do you think is needed and what should I work on to get there? Do 
> you see any major roadblocks?

Hi Colin,

Are you saying you will be working on adding pulse sinks to the Phonon configuration? If so Yay for you!

Is this something you're doing as a specific Mandriva customisation, or will it find its way back into trunk phonon-land? I am about to make a decision on distros.... your answer to this question may help me decide :)



> Col

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