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> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 03:10:28PM +0200, remrot at gmail.com wrote:
>> Seriously, I think that PA is the most important change to the Linux sound
>> system that happened within the last few years. Although
> Hm, why?

Because I totally agree with what Colin wrote about PA here :

> For the normal desktop user as well?

I don't know anything about the "normal desktop user". I don't even know if
he exists. That's why I wrote "I think", it is simply my opinion, and
obviously it differs from yours! So what?

> I don’t say that PA has no advantages, I’m only saying that most desktop
> users will not need PA. Those who need it can use it, but there is no need
> to force anyone to use it.

I don't force anybody to use PA and I'd never do that! You ever heard that
"linux is about choice"? If you don't like what your current distro offers
you, get another. If none of the hundreds of distros gives you what you
want, build your own. Nobody forces you to use PA!

>  PA! Although the setup is not perfect, I am able to playback and record
>> sound, and this has been the case with every Ubuntu version until today. I
> Well, yes, so what? I could do this with ALSA as well without problems,
> hack, that worked even with OSS.

Congratulations! But once again, I've just been talking about personal
experiences that are contrary to that of other users. So what exactly is
your point here?

>  It is totally normal that such a transition comes at a cost, but it seems
>> that some people don't understand that or are not willing to pay it. Maybe I
>> am not the right person to judge them though, since I work
> Maybe because they should pay but are getting nothing that they need? So
> why should they pay? I know people who are hating PA, because it breaks
> their sound system (they can’t play music and flash at the same time, while
> it works with ALSA).

Seems like I have to repeat myself: if you don't want to use PA, than don't
use it! If you don't use it, you don't have to pay!

It's kind of scary to receive such an offensive response after doing nothing
but giving some positive feedback to some guys that imho are doing a good
job. You really should accept the idea that other people like things that
you don't like! And you also should realise that you are NOT "forced" to use
any open source software! That'll make your live a little bit easier...



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