[pulseaudio-discuss] Sharing the code for a pulseaudio based whole home audio system

Matthew Patterson matt at v8zman.com
Sat Sep 12 18:02:22 PDT 2009


I have posted on this topic before. About a year ago I finished building 
a whole home audio system based on pulseaudio and the module-combine 
features. This enables multiple zones to listen to the same or different 
content all in sync. There is also x10 integration (playback controls 
and amp power controls) as well as a simply alarm clock function. The 
code is rough but the system works very well and is pretty simple to 
use. I have finally gotten around to at least documenting the code 
somewhat and GPL'ing it.

I have no real plans at the moment to redo/revamp/cleanup the code as 
everything works well, but I would like to share it in case someone else 
wants to use it. The pulseaudio site does not appear to have a place for 
doing such a thing. What would you all recommend?


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