[pulseaudio-discuss] Help with CMI8768 Please

Jim Duda jim at duda.tzo.com
Wed Sep 16 17:50:47 PDT 2009

> In addition to installing the .so you need to define the a52 device
> string. A config fragment for that is unfortunately not shipped
> upstream with alsa iirc, but I think debian includes it. You might
> want to steal it from there.

All I could was this file.  Is this what you are referring to?

# a52 plugin configuration
# $Id$

pcm.a52 {
	type a52		# Default :
	#card 1			# 0
	#rate 44100		# 48000
	#channels 4		# 6
	#bitrate 256		# 448
	#format S16_BE		# S16 (Native-Endian)
	hint {
		description "A52 Output Plugin"

I tried putting this file (a52.conf) in both /etc/alsa/pcm and

I still only have "stereo iec958" selections in the Configuration tab.



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