[pulseaudio-discuss] Volume jumps to 100% on KDE startup in KDE 4.4.0-4.4.1

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Mar 15 16:18:13 PDT 2010

'Twas brillig, and Dwight Paige at 15/03/10 22:41 did gyre and gimble:
> This post applies to my old/original install of Fedora 12. I have
> restored it to original default behavior so it is functioning same as
> new F12 partition. I did this by:
> 1. stopping pulseaudio server I think the command is 'pulseaudio -k'
> 2. removing '/home/<uname>/.pulse file and then
> 3. removing all pulseaudio packages [14 packages total] with 'yum erase'
> 4. reboot
> 5. reinstall the same 14 packages
> 6. reboot

I suspect steps 3 and 5 were probably unnecessary but perhaps some
system wide config file could have been interfering in some capacity I

> ASFIK PulseAudio and sound are functioning normally. I certainly no
> longer have any objectionable volume issues in EITHER Fedora 12 partition.


> So like any good old GNU/Linux user I'm going to turn my NEW Fedora 12
> partition into Fedora 13 alpha...
> Colin thanks for your help. Some time soon I'm going to reread
> http://colin.guthr.ie/2009/10/so-how-does-the-kde-pulseaudio-support-work-anyway/
> http://colin.guthr.ie/2009/08/sound-on-linux-anti-fud-calm-certainty-and-confidence/
> http://colin.guthr.ie/2009/08/sound-on-linux-is-confusing-defuzzing-part-1-alsa/
> http://colin.guthr.ie/2009/08/sound-on-linux-is-confusing-defuzzing-part-2-pulseaudio/
> and see if I can understand this information now. Before I really didn't
> understand  what I read.

No problem. It's quite confusing when looking outside of pulse's little
bubble and comparing some results against the alsa levels. It's obvious
to expect these to match up but when all the factors are taking into
account it's equally obvious that they shouldn't match up :p

Glad to be of help.



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