[pulseaudio-discuss] Does pulseaudio require alsa/oss

John Frankish j-frankish at slb.com
Tue May 11 00:55:45 PDT 2010

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> 'Twas brillig, and John Frankish at 11/05/10 06:46 did gyre and gimble:
> > OK, so I have pavucontrol working and can switch between streams from
> the built in sound card and
> > Bluetooth headphones.
> Nice :)
> > The udev detection still does not work - is there any recommended
> trouble-shooting I can try?
> Hmm, strange.
> I'd speak to your distro to make sure you have all the necessary
> support
> in your kernel needed for this. It could be related to the SYSFS
> related
> options.
> But it seems from reading above that you've already checked this?
> > Does a user have to be a member of a pulseaudio group for udev to
> work?
> No, there shoudl not be any need for any specific group membership to
> work. In fact being a member of the "audio" group on a multi user
> system
> can actually break things (because the group membership overrides the
> ACLs when switching users.
> Col
> --
Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, I checked the distro (www.tinycorelinux.com) kernel config and things seem to be setup properly.

Is there anything I can do to attempt to debug this?


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