[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio-0.9.14 on Slackware 12.2 with Droplinegome 2.26

Ron Hermsen ronhermsen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 13:55:07 PDT 2010

> Basically the console kit module is failing to load due to a dbus problem.
> Also seems that some other application has your Alsa device open (Device
> or resource busy message indicates this), perhaps this means that you
> simply can't use your h/w in full duplex mode (e.g. opening the sink
> prevents the source from actually working?)
> Anyway, actually two bugs there.

Do you think they are both PA bugs, or could the second one be
hardware limitation of my old soundcard?

> FWIW 0.9.14 is a bit of a strange release to use. AFAIK 0.9.16 was the
> stable version for a while (fixing bugs in 0.9.12 through 0.9.15), but I
> could be wrong.

The Droplinegnome devs probably decided to use PA 0.9.14 so they
didn't need to upgrade the original libtool (and others). They try to
upgrade a minimum of original Slackware packages.

> I'd strongly recommend using 0.9.21 (or rather "stable-queue" git
> branch) as many bug fixes have been included since 0.9.14. I'd also
> recommend newer alsa kernel and libs too.

Thanks for your reply. I will see if I can upgrade to 0.9.21 without
to many issues.


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