[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio-0.9.21, alsa-1.0.23, kde-4.4.5, consolekit, dbus

sibu xolo sibxol at btconnect.com
Sun Sep 19 16:41:05 PDT 2010

On Tuesday 14 September 2010 13:58:08 Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and sibu xolo at 14/09/10 13:33 did gyre and gimble:
> > On Monday 13 September 2010 11:59:14 Colin Guthrie wrote:
> >> 'Twas brillig, and sibu xolo at 13/09/10 11:10 did gyre and gimble:
> >  First of all thanks  (or shall I say 'kallu kalay')  for the help.

> but you really do want to use all the patches from this branch since
> v0.9.21 tag (there will likely be another 10 fixes landing later today)
 I downloaded the stuff from GIT.  The bundle was  labelled as 
[pulseaudio-0.9.19 which is strange considering  the released stuff is 
labelled 0.9.21.  I did not clean out the original installation before I 
compiled/installed the git stuff  so a couple of the libraries had 0.9.21 
extensions  (I merely labelled them as _X).  I then recompiled alsa-plugins    
and so far  I have sound on all logins and logouts as well as the cli.  So  
much  progress has been made.

> > ---e) audio CDROMs do not play neither with KsCD nor Kaffeine for any
> > logins
> This is likely an issue to do with using analog playback rather than
> digital extraction (DAE) and subsequent software playback. You can
> probably use a low level alsamixer  (alsamixer -c0) to unmute the CDROM
> element, but really most applications should be using digital extraction
> and software playback these days AFAIK.
> I'd ignore this particular problem until all others are addressed :)
I still do not have CDROM sound nither with Kaffeine nor KsCD,  I tried an 
internet search but came up with nowt so any pointers you can give will be 
grtefully received.

Once again many thanks for your help.

sibu xolo.

> Col

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