[pulseaudio-discuss] rygel mediaserver

Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes gunnar.grimnes at dfki.de
Tue Apr 12 12:50:27 PDT 2011

> I think you have to load module-protocol-http as well (not sure I've got
> the name totally correct).

That's the one I meant when I said "I have also enabled the http-tcp 
module," - it's called module-http-protocol-tcp

> I tried it with my PS3 but never got very far (it defo did try to talk
> to the http module tho')
> If you get it working with your WDTV box just by loading http protocol,
> please report back and I'll tweak paprefs.

No such luck. Running pa in a console it says:

I: socket-server.c: TCP connection accepted by tcpwrap.
I: client.c: Created 12 "HTTP client (TCP/IP client from"
I: client.c: Freed 12 "HTTP client (TCP/IP client from"

immediately, and the WDTV says "unable to play the selected file".

With my LG HB405SU there is on such message, but rygel says:

** (rygel:10171): WARNING **: rygel-http-request.vala:91: Invalid seek 

When I try to play the stream.


- Gunnar

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