[pulseaudio-discuss] /.libs/.libs/ gotcha

David Henningsson david.henningsson at canonical.com
Tue Apr 16 05:11:59 PDT 2013

When running PA manually, you probably specify "-p $(pwd)/src/.libs". I 
have started to get error messages from PulseAudio about this, but I 
don't remember exactly when. Perhaps ltdl has recently been updated, or 
have we?

The gotcha is: ltdl seems to add another ".libs" and tries it first. As 
a result, we get a callback to bind_now_open with 
"src/.libs/.libs/module.so", which we don't find and complain loudly. 
Ltdl gladly accepts this and tries instead with "src/.libs/module.so", 
which succeeds.

I tried specifying "-p $(pwd)/src" instead, but that fails in another 
way: the ".ifexists" command in our CLI does not add a ".libs" the way 
ltdl does, so the result is fewer errors, but then, it only loads the 
required modules, and prefers module-detect over module-udev-detect, e 
g, which is quite broken.

Any thoughts on the topic? Should we add ".libs" too, when looking for 
files in ".ifexists"?
Or should we lower the severity of not finding modules? Perhaps write 
with debug severity instead, and do that regardless of if we loaded a 
module or not?

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.

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