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> > The logic is about
> >>
> >>   1) when should the dialog show up
> >
> >
> > a) when user plug speaker into input jack or mic jack into output jacks
> > b) when user plug headphone into line out jacks or speaker into headphone
> > jacks
> >
> > dialog should not be popped up when user plugged the correct jacks
> Does the typical Intel hardware expose the necessary information for
> this? What to do if the hardware does not expose this information?


Realtek's proprietary impedance sensing and jack detect techniques allow
device loads on inputs and outputs to be auto-detected. All analog IO are
input and output capable, and headphone amplifiers are also integrated at
each analog output.

codecs/stac9227-intel-d946gzis-mobo:  Pincap 0x0000173f: IN OUT HP Detect
Trigger ImpSense

There are a fews codecs in hda-emu/codecs with Pin cap : Trigger and

For the alsa driver , there are specific controls for these kind of multi
function jacks which allow user to switch the function of the jack

"Headphone Mic Jack Mode" headphone and mic
"Headphone Jack Mode" headphone and line out
"Line Out Jack Mode" line out and headphone
"Mic Jack Mode"  - mic and Line in
"Channel Mode" - input jacks/headphone jacks and surround output jacks

e.g. your Gigabyte H87N wifi need retasking of one input jack to support 7.1

> And in fact - if the "speaker/headphone" decision is based on the
> resistance of the plugged-in thing, are you sure that all amplified
> speakers have resistance drastically different from both headphones
> and microphones? I don't have any amplified speakers with a 3.5 mm
> jack, so can't test this myself.
Table 1. Impedence sense  of STAC9227 datasheet
The impedance sense table reflects both standard Line Out and Headphone
output drivers. Please reference the HD Audio Universal Jack Application
Note on the SigmaTel Extranet for more information.
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