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Mon Mar 30 10:03:50 PDT 2015

Thank you for your reply,

Please see below the output of alsa-info.sh before and after the 
headphone plugged in


I have 6 Jacks at the rear panel and two at the top (one output one input)
I am afraid I do not know how to switch channel mode to retask.

Also, the computer is of a certain age, and the issue has started 
several month ago but I never really looked into it, so I am not sure 
that change in power management will be relevant has it seems quite recent.

Looking forward for your reply,

On 30/03/15 06:23, Raymond Yau wrote:
> >
> > First some details:
> > I have an VT1708S sound card with a rear panel and and top/front 
> panel My Speakers are plugged on the rear panel corresponding to the 
> "surround" channel on alsamixer. While I always have my headset 
> plugged in on the top panel.
> >
> > This is not user specific but system wide.
> >
> > Now the issue;
> > The Surround channel is always muted when PulseAudio starts, doesn't 
> mater if the headset are plugged in or not. I have used alsamixer to 
> unmute and run "sudo alsa-store" but it hasn't worked
> > I also tried to stop PulseAudio Daemon that restore the mixer's 
> level but it hasn't work.
> > This issue has started months ago, but never got around to sort it 
> before.
> >
> You have to post output of alsa-info.sh before and after you plugged 
> the headphone
> How many audio jacks in rear panel, you need to switch channel mode to 
> retask the input jacks as output if you want suuround40 or surround51
> The recent change in power management or hardware fault in your front 
> audio panel jack detection may affect rear panel
> https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/tiwai/sound.git/commit/sound/pci/hda/patch_via.c?id=688b12cc3ca8a5155b95ce8d01e0e43006813b27
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