[pulseaudio-discuss] Pending patches

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Sat Jul 13 21:27:58 UTC 2019


today I did a review/cleanup/rebase of all the patches I have accumulated.
I found there is a total of 65 patches in 11 series, together 8041 additions
and 3233 deletions. I wonder if this ever has the chance to get completely
reviewed ...

Here the series in detail:

1) Messaging patches
8 patches, partly reviewed, introduces messaging API

2) Rewind and resampler patches
9 patches, fixes volume change crackling, introduces resampler delay

3) Smoother patches
10 patches, introduces new time smoother

4) Loopback patches
10 patches, optimizes latency handling of module-loopback
depends on 2)

5) Combine/Tunnel sink latency fixes
6 patches, fixes latency calculation for tunnel sink/source and combine sink
depends on 2)

6) Signal patches
3 patches, introduces signals as alternative to subscription
depends on 1)

7) Jack detection patches
2 patches, adds messages to enable/disable jack detection and set port state
depends on 1)

8) virtual source crash patch
1 patch, fixes crash with stacked virtual sources

9) virtual sink consolidation patches
8 patches, consolidates virtual sink code in a library, fixes multiple 
(crash) bugs
depends on 2)

10) virtual sink messages patches
7 patches, adds parameter setting via messages to virtual sinks
depends on 1), 2)

11) module-plugin-sink patch
1 patch, adds new module to support PA specific filter plugins
depends on 1), 2), 9), 10)


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