[SCIM] How to create a new IME on Linux in about 15 minutes with SCIM and m17n

LiuCougar liucougar at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 20:22:42 UTC 2004

On Tue, 05 Oct 2004 22:18:02 +0200, David <david at plm11.pl> wrote:
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> David wrote:
> > To find out I made a copy of a few lines from James Su code
> > (scim_m17n_imengine.cpp) responsible for loading m17lib IMEs.
> There is a better way. I did not know :-( that. You can just use "medit"
> editor to test your IME during developement.
> I also just realized that it is equally simple to create IME for
> scim-tables.
> You just take some table from the scim-tables source code, for example
> Hangul.txt.in, rename (I renamed to Korean.txt), generate new uuid, make
> PNG logo, edit the txt file, "compile" and copy to correct folders.
> For example:
> vim Korean.txt (set the names, path to the png icon, set the uuid, edit
> the tables)
> scim-make-table Korean.txt -b -o Korean.bin
> cp Korean.bin /usr/share/scim/tables
> cp Korean.png /usr/share/scim/icons
> (of course in real life there is a makfile that does all this :-) )
> And that is all. Do I miss anything? It works for me. The only thing I
> do not know is how to reload all IME engines on demand. It has to be
> simple, but for the moment I am testing when I reboot the machine. Can
> someone teach me how to make skim reload all the scim-tables?
No GUI option now to achieve that. If you use skim, you can just
logout of KDE (to the console) and then startx again and skim should
reload all the IMEngines.

> It seems we can have another tutorial: How to create a new IME on Linux
> in about 15 minutes with SCIM and scim-tables :-)
Absolutely! It is such simple and quick! ;)

BTW: when you create a wiki user, please tell me and I will grant you
the right permission.

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difficulties; they are weakened by comfort."
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