[SCIM] scim and meta-key

James Su suzhe at tsinghua.org.cn
Wed Oct 6 09:52:18 UTC 2004

Which version of scim are you using?
scim 1.0.x support dead/multi keys natively.

James Su

Jon-o Addleman wrote:

>I generally enter text in English, French, and Japanese. For French
>accents, I've gotten used to setting my windows key as a multi_key,
>using xmodmap. So that typing [winkey]+' e will type an e with an acute
>For entering Japanese, scim looks like it will work wonderfully - I had
>tried using kinput2 before, but the EUC-JP charset that it requires
>messed up all the french text, of course. Scim looks like a huge
>improvement there. The problem is that whenever scim is running, the
>multi_key input doesn't work! A 'killall scim' will get it working
>again, but of course scim won't work after that.
>I'm sure there's some way to enter the accents using scim as well, but
>I'd much rather just use the multi-key system, since 90% of french text
>is just the same as english...
>Is there any way to make scim not interfere with the multi_key? Thanks!

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