[Spice-devel] Using 6 monitors with spice

Yonit Halperin yhalperi at redhat.com
Sat Jun 5 23:09:28 PDT 2010

the bitmaps cache is shared by the monitors. In red_worker.c 
MAX_CACHE_CLIENTS = 4. You can try to change it.


On 06/03/2010 05:11 PM, Roman_Lazarev at troika.ru wrote:
> Howdy!
> Some time ago, Izik said the following:
>  >Spice currently support only 4 monitors, however it is just a matter
> of changing a #define to make it run with more
>  >monitors.
>  >What worry me with 8 monitors is the amount of pci memory that we will
> have to allocate I am not sure if there
>  >will be enougth memory below the 4giga address
> I have assembled a 6 head thin station (if you can call it really thin
> ;)) and wanted to try SPICE with 6 heads. So I went ahead and modified
> vdesktop/qemu/hw/pc.h:#define QXL_MAX_MONITORS 4 to 6
> compiled everything, and started with the "-qxl 6". Windows was able to
> detect two additional monitors, i proceeded with the driver install. I
> then went into Properties and did "Extend my windows desktop..." on the
> 5th monitor. qemu crashed. I then restarted, now the 5th monitor was
> enabled. I tried setting resolution to > 834x762 and apply, another
> crash... (640x480 works)... Tried enabling 6th monitor - crash! Tried
> adding "-qxl 6,ram=32" no change... I've also changed #define
> DEFAULT_QXL_RAM_MB_SIZE 64 to 128 and Windows clients stopped booting. I
> tried "-qxl 6,ram=128" but that also has started hanging up the windows
> vm boot... really shooting in the dark here, but hey that's just a try ;)
> I'm using stable 0.4 release, since in the unstable the preformance of
> my virtual machines is very poor. not sure why. I'd be glad to keep
> testing 6 monitor setup ;)
> Thanks!!!
> Roman
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