[Spice-devel] repository reorg

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Thu Jun 23 03:35:01 PDT 2011


>   (1) spice-protocol - keep it, move code generation stuff here
>   (spice_codegen.py, python_modules, spice*.proto), and have the dist tarball
>   contain the cpp and c files resulting from running it.

Compile them into a small shared library?

>   (2) spice-server - new repo from spice/server, will submodule common. will
>   keep requiring spice-protocol as a separate entity, and will reference the c
>   files therein (does this make any sense, carrying c files as installed files?
>   I can't think of any other outcome of moving the codegen to spice-protocol)

I wouldn't use submodules like this.  Better make common/ a real shared 
library which can be compiled + installed on its own.

>   (3) spice-client - this will be the spice-gtk repo (or is anyone in favor of
>   keeping spice-gtk name?), and it will submodule common too.

I'd keep the spice-gtk name, it is more than just a client.

It also leaves the spice-client name for the old one and probably 
reduces confusion as we have spice-client packages with the old client 

We might add a spice-all repo which has just all the other stuff as 
submodules and some makefile glue to build everything in the correct 
order.  As pure convinience thing.


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