[Spice-devel] Tested latest spice-server on Windows 10 KVM guest

Carlos González piteccelaya at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 22:12:24 UTC 2018


First, for background of my original problem:

Already in linked post above, but just for quick reference of the KVM guest:
Windows 10 KVM guest with RAM ballooning range 2 - 3 Gb, RAW storage
format, installed SPICE drivers with spice-guest-tools. The server is in
the same local network segment as laptop host that I use.

So the Proxmox guys were finally able to upgrade their libspice-server
package, allowing me to test (I don't know yet how to build packages from
source on a Linux distro...).

Mr. Ziglio was right:
>"Not saying all your problem will be solved."
However guest *did* get better in general; at least it is usable again with
SPICE console.
Login screen still suffers of evident lag with the "fading" visual effects,
but now it doesn't take too long to finish loading and it's responsive.
Once in the desktop, opening programs suffer from the same lag as login
screen -though briefly- due to the "fading" effect; as well as the start
menu -specially the tiles- and minimizing and maximizing windows.
But, other than that, now it's pretty usable on SPICE. Hangs are far more
rare even if stressing the guest a little with some daily work such as
opening web browser or a couple of MS Office documents.

Overall, the fix did improve guest performance. Although it still suffers,
as it seems, specifically from Windows 10 "fading" visual effects.

Now, I must admit something: all of this was a "quick" test; I didn't have
enough time to setup an entirely new Windows 10 guest from zero. The
testing was done in the old one I have: Windows 10 1607, spice-guest-tools
from june 2018, and, er... >500 Mb of free disk space (this was a small

Think these are the expected results for now, or should I really try with a
newly setup Windows guest?
If the first case, do you think there's possibility of keeping SPICE
improving by chance? I do remember you mentioned team has other

Would this post help clearing your doubts?

Again, thanks all.
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