Running a systemd-based Gentoo system

Fabian Henze flyser42 at
Wed Sep 8 02:19:41 PDT 2010

Am Mittwoch, 8. September 2010, 06:30:14 schrieb Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri:
>  - calling any of /etc/init.d scripts is bad, as it will call openrc
> and it will bring all dependencies on its own, including services
> managed by systemd that are up already. This means we better disable
> sysv support there (more on this later).

Maybe basic would be a good idea? It doesn't have to work for all 
the initscripts out there, but at least a good percentage. Then one has to 
"fix" only a few packages with complex init scripts.

>   - udev ebuild needs to be updated, I've included a systemd IUSE in
> sys-fs/udev-162  this will install the systemd unit files
>    - dbus ebuild needs to be updated, I've created a live (9999,
> directly from git) with systemd IUSE as well
>    - manually patched consolekit files to match
> (need a new
> consolekit ebuild with systemd flag)
>    - manually patched bluez files to match
>  (need a new
> bluez ebuild with systemd flag, maybe including socket activation?)
>     - manually created acpid.service based on
> (with extra -f flag
> to always force foreground mode)

Could you upload your ebuilds and patches somewhere? Maybe in a 
project and/or as a portage overlay? I am also interested in systemd in gentoo 
and it would be nice, if I (and others) wouldn't have to redo all these steps. 
In addition, this could improve collaboration among gentoos systemd users.

-- Fabian Henze

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