[Tango-artists] Did I do it right?

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Thu Aug 17 10:51:41 PDT 2006

Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> Viper550 wrote:
>> Okay, on my Windows computer, I just got the new Lego Mindstorms NXT 
>> robotics set, and I made a new icon for my dock program using the 
>> Tango guidelines. Did I do it right? I was not sure if the logo would 
>> be considered made of Glass or Plastic so I made a version with some 
>> gloss and one without. But still, did I follow the guidelines correctly?
>> Viper550
> Hi Viper550!
> Nice to see new work by you.
> Do you think you can provide a link to the original logo?
> It's a bit hard seeing how it is supposed to look like without reference.
> I think alt. 2 is better, as lego is made out of plastic, but I will 
> have to see what the mindstorms logo look like first.
> Keep up the good work, man!
> - Andreas
I've got a screenshot of what the original icon gave me attached.

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