[Tango-artists] display perspective suggestion, shadows.

Sacrat sacrat at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 03:50:57 PDT 2006

Jakub Steiner пишет:
> On Sun, 2006-07-16 at 18:27 +0400, Sacrat wrote:
>> Tango has lots of icons featuring displays (video-display, etc...).
>> Unfortunately doe to a presence of perspective on small resolutions 
>> they're not "crystal clear".
>> My suggestion: straighten displays for non-svg versions so they have 
>> pisel-clear borders. Now 16x16 ok (just no room for manipulations) but 
>> 22 and 32 version sizes are slightly  rough. Especially 22x22 bitmap as 
>> non-straight lines at that resolution often look awful.
>> What do you think? I'm not an Inkscape user but if needful could make a 
>> fix in other editors.
>> P.S.: could anyone explain me the "add shadow" policy? Most icons have 
>> them while some (preferences-desktop-peripherals, input-mouse, etc...) 
>> don't. Besides, making shadows every time anew is a kind of perversion I 
>> suppose.
>> So, two suggestions:
>> 1. either document shadow creation in a guide
>> 2. or just make PNG templates anyone can use so there're no "alien" shadows
> Howdy.
> We haven't been verbose about shadows in the spec yet, mainly due to
> technical barriers in the free software toolset. We're still using
> 'hacks' around the limitations we have. 
> The icons that don't have a shadow right now would have the simple
> dropshadow using gaussian blur effect if it was easily achievable. We
> also used this fairly stylized round shadow for all the icons and are in
> process of getting rid of that.
> My take on this is that all icons except for the 16x16 should cast a
> shadow depending on their perspective and surface placement. But you are
> absolutely right, that part of the guidelines should be written
> eventually.
Well, Jakub,
So far I'm submitting PNG files without shadows at all, so what would 
you think about not making them a part of the icon? This way shadows 
(round, drop shadow, etc...) could be done automatically or 
semi-automatically so we have no "shadow zoo".

P.S.: what do you think about my suggestion about displays? If needful, 
I could redraw these icons.

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