[Tango-artists] some basic icons still needing work

David Prieto frandavid100 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 05:23:37 PDT 2007

Hey Olivier,

> I think you're right, a debate would be the thing to do.
> Why not putting a Special "Apply & Cancel icons" Tango Friday ?

That would be too cool. Anyone else agrees?

> About the icons, I don't like the Apply / OK icon. I don't understand
> what it means.

Hm. I'm talking about two separate icons, actually. First one is
"apply", a green tick. The second is OK, a bent arrow resembling the
intro key on your keyboard.

I think that apply is visually opposed to cancel, in that the tick and
the cross are widely accepted signs for "yes" and "no", at least here in
Spain. In fact, I see both daily in all kinds of documents, and always
with the same meaning.

Of course, the opposite could be true in your country. I don't know how
those signs apply in other places.

About the OK button, it looks like your usual keyboard's intro key, so I
think it conveys the meaning that pressing it equates to hitting said
key. The problem here is, some Gnome dialogs won't take an
intro-key-press as OK, they require a different shortcut instead.

> The easier thing is to make a "Check" icon but it's too easy and
> classic.

Well, easy and classic is good in my book :)

> The Cancel icon is fine and I think there's already a new Gnome icon
> for this one.

Is there? Not that I know of, but I could just not be up to date, of

I attached the icons as they appear on your typical menu so we all know
what we're talking about. I included "revert" too, which usually appears
in menus that have just a "close" button, instead of the "accept /
cancel" set.

Boy, Gnome dialogs are a mess.
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