[Tango-artists] some basic icons still needing work

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Thu Mar 22 06:43:57 PDT 2007

David Prieto wrote:
> Hi Olivier,
>> I think these icons are not tango-ed yet because nobody could find a
>> good metaphor.
> Well, I think it would be cool to spark some debate about that, people
> might just not have thought about the issue, or maybe they do have their
> own ideas but nobody brought it up.
> Personally, I think that no one has found a good metaphor because the
> old ones are just fine. I'm thinking about the apply, cancel and OK
> icons, is there anything wrong with their current metaphors at all?
Hi David!
Actually, the whole gtk-set needs to get tangofied. It would be great if 
someone would volunteer to fix this before the next gtk-release.
I'm not sure if we can do anything about the current metaphors here, as 
they are wildly misused in ~90% of the applications out there (and some 
actions are rather silly, like gtk-yes and gtk-no).
You can get the whole list of gtk stock actions here:

The license of this needs to be lgpl, like gtk+ itself.
- Andreas

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