[Telepathy] Secure communications with Telepathy

Marco Barisione marco at barisione.org
Fri Nov 30 09:37:38 PST 2007

Il giorno mar, 27/11/2007 alle 15.31 +0100, Marco Barisione ha scritto: 
> We are working on SSL in gibber and now we need a way to send/receive
> certificates and to send the private key to the cm.

We need something *now*, so I will use the simplest solution, the
certificate and the private key of the local user are passed as
connection parameters, other certificates are handled by

This solution does not solve every problem (to be honest it's very far
from perfect) but it's enough for now, in the future we will look for a
more suitable solution.

The branch of the spec is at

Marco Barisione

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