[Telepathy] [PATCH] Fix crashes in FileTransfer and StreamTubes related to SocketAddressIPv4

Dario Freddi drf54321 at gmail.com
Sun May 2 03:31:34 PDT 2010

Hello there,

so after some further debugging with George, we found out the problem that 
made File transfers and stream tubes crash. It looks like dbus-glib is sending 
u instead of q, due to the fact that it is not capable of sending q, hence the 
struct as received by QtDBus is (su).

QtDBus demarshaller is extremely strict, hence the struct is not demarshalled 
correctly. Changing the spec to use u instead of q, hence generating an uint 
instead of an ushort into SocketAddressIPv{4,6}, fixes the problem.

On a side note, I'd propose to change this in Telepathy spec itself, given 
that as wjt confirmed, u is always used instead of q in some places, and it 
might lead to similar situations.


Dario Freddi
KDE Developer
GPG Key Signature: 511A9A3B
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