[Telepathy] Stage of proxy support

Ivan Vučica ivucica at gmail.com
Wed May 5 13:49:35 PDT 2010

On 5. svi. 2010., at 15:20, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
> This is mostly a system configuration issue. When we send a request to the proxy resolver (should be libproxy) we use URIs of the form:
>     service://hostname:port
>     xmpp-client://talk.1.google.com:5522

Great. I was not familiar with libproxy. If so, then I don't think there's much more to say.

It is, however, interesting that the user would not be able to find that configuration option that easily. An instructive label (perhaps a button to launch the configuration utility) would be much better than just omitting the option.

> p.s. If your knowledge of proxies is good enough to understand that you need to use tones of different proxies for tones of different protocols

Okaay... but ...

> and maybe discriminate ports and the time of the day,

...what? :-)

> I think it's also time for you to learn how to write JavaScript. It will always be more flexible then your system UI ;)

"Are ya sayin' I can't write no Javascript, boy?" :-)

I currently can't fathom how this relates to my mini-response, and if it does, why do you think that I cannot write Javascript?


Ivan Vučica

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