[Telepathy] future of Telepathy?

Niklas Andersson niklas.andersson at openforce.se
Thu Apr 28 12:18:06 UTC 2016

We are actually adding "Skype is The Thing"-thing... to libpurple and 

Very much appreciated by corporate users that prefers F/OSS to 
proprietary software...

If there is a corporate sponsor interested in doing the same for 
Telepathy we could most likely do that.


- Niklas

On 28/04/16 14:11, Dominik George wrote:
> Hi,
>> Speaking of which, as a KDE Telepathy maintainer, I do see quite a
>> decline
>> in our userbase. One of the reasons I get from users is "does not
>> support
>> $protocol", where $protocol is often Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook. And
>> no, it really doesn't matter to them that they can have calls via XMPP,
>> they
>> want their Skype contacts cause Skype is The Thing...
> Then I can live perfectly well with them going away and using Skype, WhatsApp and $protocol. If they want their proprietary crap, so shall it be, but please do not spoil free software and propagate use of that stuff for the sake of having a few more users.
> -nik

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