[virglrenderer-devel] Strange graphical glitches under virgl.

Gert Wollny gert.wollny at collabora.com
Sun Jul 22 11:35:26 UTC 2018

Am Freitag, den 20.07.2018, 14:12 -0700 schrieb Lepton Wu:
> Hi,
> I have an issue which I recorded a video  to show the bug:
> https://youtu.be/ECGDCMAOTxs
> You can see, sometimes, there is a "wrong block" of rendering. It's
> always some kind of rectangle somewhere.
> A strange part is: I've never seen this kind of issue if I am running
> 3D android games under virgl. Games always
> running fine. But for Chrome, it sometimes come with this kind of
> weird graphics.

I was not able to reproduce the issue. 
I used the latest master of virglrenderer and mesa on an Intel Kabylake
 host, and disabled the copy_image copy path via 
so that virglrenderer could not use this shortcut for copy-blits. 

Inside the guest I used Ubuntu bionic with the latest updates and a PPA
 kernel: Linux version 4.16.0-041600-generic (kernel at kathleen)
(4.16 is needed to support report host caps v2 to the guest). 

I tried both blackbox and a gnome-session with chromium-browser and I
didn't seen any of these artifacts. What is actually the desktop
environment that you were using?



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