Wayland license clarification

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Mon Nov 22 13:12:53 PST 2010


I wanted to clear up the wayland licensing a bit before I apply more
patches.  The main "output" of the wayland git repo is the two
libraries: libwayland-server and libwayland-client.  Right now those
libraries are under the MIT license, but I'm going to move them to be
LGPLv2.  The purpose of these libraries are to provide a C API for the
wayland protocol.  libwayland-client will typically be a dependency of
toolkits such as Qt, GTK+ or clutter, or perhaps used directly by
wine, qemu or rdesktop type of applications.  Moving libwayland-client
to LGPLv2 shouldn't be a problem for these cases, indeed those
toolkits are all already LGPLv2.  The most notable change will be that
you can't fix a bunch of bugs in the library and keep them to
yourself.  libwayland-server will be a dependency of any compositor,
but as for the client side library, this shouldn't have any
consequences on how you can use it, only on how you contribute to it.
I'm aware of the uncertainty about static linking and LGPLv2, but just
don't link statically.

The demo compositor and clients are currently under GPLv2, but I'm
changing them to LGPLv2 as well.  This is a bit odd on the face of it,
but the point of these applications is to prototype new functionality
that will eventually migrate into either the client or server wayland
libraries or one of the above toolkits.  As we move forward and start
adding developers, I just want to make sure that that won't be a

Obivously, I am not a lawyer and the above is only an informal
discussion of the differences between MIT and LGPLv2, meant to
describe the motivation behind the specific license choices.  The
license text is always the last word.

If I've applied patches from anybody opposed to this license change,
please let me know and I'll back them out.


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