[Weston] RDP backend state

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Thu Dec 5 07:42:18 PST 2013

Le 05/12/2013 15:14, Manuel BACHMANN a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> I tried to build the Weston 1.3.1 RDP backend using latest FreeRDP
> master, and I managed to get it to compile using the following trivial
> patch :
> http://pastebin.com/XGz4xYaE

FreeRdp API for remoteFx has changed on master (so your patch is correct 
for compiling against the development version of FreeRdp). However 
branch 1.1 (which aims to be the next stable) have the prototype that is 
used in weston now.
We must add some #if to use the correct prototype, sorry that's on my 
TODO list for month.

> It basically runs, and I can connect to it with :
> rdesktop -4 -b <IP adresse>
> However, it renders only a black screen, and server-side I get the
> following messages :
> unable to checkDescriptor for <fd>
> failed to initialize EGL
> EGL does not seem to work, falling back to software rendering and wl_shm
> (my EGL doesn't work, so it may be normal)
> I noticed I can run clients, though, and they keep running until I kill
> them or weston hangs. So it looks more like a rendering issue.
> Does someone know how to make it work, or if it's supposed to ? Is it
> linked the error messages ?

I didn't test recently but in my last tries rdesktop wasn't very good 
with the server-side part of FreeRdp. There's clearly an issue if 
rdesktop and weston runs on the same host: during security negociation 
rdesktop does nasty things and FreeRdp is too strict. It should work 
better when the too are on different hosts.

Even if you pass the security handshake, AFAICT rdesktop does not 
support surface command which is required for the current implementation 
of the FreeRdp compositor. This may be not required in the future, as 
FreeRdp master has now support for sending updates via bitmapUpdate.

So the best is to use xfreerdp as client.


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