Absolute coordinates using "wl_shell_surface_set_transient"

Giulio Camuffo giuliocamuffo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 05:18:08 PDT 2013

No, it's not supposed to work, and if it works it's just by pure chance
and/or because of how the shell works internally.
There is no way to place a surface to an absolute position from the client
side, but there may be ways to solve your problem in a different way.
What are you trying to achieve?


2013/9/16 Tarnyko <tarnyko at tarnyko.net>

> Hi folks,
> Wayland/Weston 1.2 here ; I recently needed to display a surface using
> absolute coordinates. Let's say, 100x100 starting from the upper left
> corner of the compositor.
> So here is the (working) approach I used :
> window->surface = wl_compositor_create_surface (display->compositor);
> window->shell_surface = wl_shell_get_shell_surface (display->shell,
> window->surface);
> wl_shell_surface_set_transient (window->shell_surface, window->surface,
> 100, 100, 0);
> It works this way, surface always displays at 100x100.
> But my question is : is it supposed to work in the first place ? And will
> it still be working in future releases ?
> Regards,
> Tarnyko
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