Absolute coordinates using "wl_shell_surface_set_transient"

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 20:22:25 PDT 2013

Giulio Camuffo wrote:
> No, it's not supposed to work, and if it works it's just by pure 
> chance and/or because of how the shell works internally.
> There is no way to place a surface to an absolute position from the 
> client side, but there may be ways to solve your problem in a 
> different way.
> What are you trying to achieve?
Loading saved window arrangements from a client's configuration file is 
the likely reason. At the moment this is a problem for migrating our 
software to Wayland. I understand the desire to remove this from Wayland 
but I am somewhat stumped on any other way for Wayland to provide this 
functionality. It appears it is possible for X clients to do this, so I 
think the battle is lost and Wayland should add this for non-X clients.

I agree the supplied code should not work. Attempting to set a loop in 
the surface parents should be an error.

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