Window placement

Fabrice Rey fabounet03 at
Sun Jun 29 08:44:46 PDT 2014

First thank you for hard work on Wayland/X.

As I understand, there is no window placement on the client side in Wayland.
Because of that, a desklet application can't place its desklets on the
desktop. Currently in Weston, they are automatically placed (randomly, each
time at a different position).
How is this going to be addressed by Wayland ?

Another similar problem is that when receiving a Configure event, the
position is not in the event. So for instance in GTK the coordinates are
always (0;0).
This is problematic, because the application might want to display things
differently depending on where it is.
For instance, on right-click, the desklet would pop the menu above it if
it's in the bottom half of the screen, and vice-versa.

It seems that xdg-shell is to bring answers to these kind of
desktop-specific problems, so is this planned to be added in this interface

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