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Tue Feb 24 10:34:07 PST 2015

Le 24/02/2015 17:05, Jeff Sadowski a écrit :
> I wanted to try out the Gnome Desktop on Wayland under Fedora 21
> 2 things I am missing out on is a x11vnc replacement and an xdotool replacement.
> rdp-backend may be able to replace x11vnc?
> I am trying to use the rdp-backend with my displayed desktop on my HDMI output.
> Is this possible?

The RDP compositor is headless, so it doesn't care of real hardware,
it's not the equivalent of x11vnc.

> Could I set this up in my ~/.config/weston.ini
> (Is this file used with all Desktops under Wayland Or do I use a
> different file for Gnome on Wayland?)
> ~/.config/weston.ini looks like so
> <--Beginning
> [core]
> backend=rdp-backend
> <-- End
I can't help on that part, sorry.

> How do I set the username password?
> Will it know to use the username/password for the logged in user(Preferable)?
Right now no authentication mecanism are implemented, and most probably
you would want a greeter is no login / password are provided ? That's
why no authentication is implemented in the RDP backend.

> Can I use Microsoft's mstsc to connect?

> What about Microsoft's RDP client for Android?

Best regards.

David FORT
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